The emphasis has to be on team spirit.


The successful training concept of the EWE Basketball club in Oldenburg will be implemented in the Semco Group


The Semco Group is not the only team to have recorded many successes under the leadership of Hermann Schüller. The the players of the EWE Basketball club in Oldenburg have claimed their place at the very top of German professional basketball by winning the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) championship in 2009 and the BBL Cup in 2015 The secret of the Oldenburg basketball team's success does not rely on the purchase of expensive stars, but on talent and placing the emphasis on the shared values of the team in their daily life. In order to allow the teams in the Semco Group to benefit from the secret of the EWE basketball club's success, the programme "Living as a team = achieving success!" is being launched in 2016.

Hermann Schüller launched the initiative for the program and, right from the start, he got a lot of encouragement for his idea. "In the EWE Basketball Club, we have established the Baskets Akademie Weser-Ems (Weser-Ems Basketball Academy), an award-winning concept in which we train and develop the next generation of players and young coaches according to their individual talents and skills. Our players are guided by values ​​that they live by every day and can develop their potential in a team culture of openness and trust. In recent months, we have won over many companies in the Northwest region who would also like to share in the EWE Basketball Club’s recipe for success. All the contents of the team training has been previously played out and evaluated in the Semco Holding Company and in teams in our sites in Westerstede and Oldenburg. The successes of the program are measurable and sustainable."

In basketball and in the corporate world, team play and living by values ​​pay off in measurable success. Good leadership from the manager, a clear division of roles in the team and a dynamic interplay between individuality and cooperation show clear parallels with the corporate structures in the Semco Group. Clear and direct communication, unstinting words of praise and criticism and constantly setting the tone of the corporate culture by one's own example are also central to running a business. The cooperation of employees requires trust, guidance and certainty - without this, entrepreneurial success will not be achieved in the long run.

In the Semco Group, the team leaders in the various sites will first be trained in the methods of the different modules. Using supportive videos, training materials and extensive training, they will be prepared for the implementation of the contents with their teams at the various sites.

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