Off to new shores

In an age where almost everything is possible, characterised by globalisation and head-to-head races with the competition, courageous decisions and rapid reactions are essential. When it involves bringing spectacular innovations onto the market, we are there seizing the opportunities and show the way forward. And we want to continue growing in future to further strengthen our position.

Our field is a broad one. The network of Semco branches covers almost all of Germany. Our flags are also flying in Denmark and Sweden. And we have already stretched out our feelers from these sites into neighbouring European countries. The Benelux countries and Scandinavia in particular are sending out positive signals. We have recorded significantly increasing turnovers here over the past years.

15 years are simply the start for Semco. We have set ourselves high aims. Together with you - our customers, business partners and employees - we can develop and realise our vision of glass.