Coating development

Semco also runs a coating laboratory in the coating works at Neubrandenburg in addition to their glass technology laboratory. This focuses primarily on the quality assurance and further development of our own glass coatings.

Equipment here includes a spectrophotometer for determining the light and energy engineering parameters, a high-resolution light microscope for classification of surface defects, abrasion and UV test equipment, devices for measuring the surface resistance to determine the emissivity of coatings and a spectrometer for determining colour locations under vertical and angled observation.

In 2005, Semco garnered attention for the first time and even caused an uproar throughout the branch with their development of glass coatings: The climate glazing coating for the Semco Klima 600 was the first to achieve a selectivity > 2 and was correspondingly awarded the Ludwig-Bölkow Technology Prize.