Our mission statement

We at Semcoglas have included various principles in our mission statement. They clarify the Semcoglas philosophy and commit us both internally and externally.

We embody our principles.

We contribute significantly to the success of our group with our partnership-based cooperation between all employees, professional and managerial staff, and all Semcoglas Group teams and committees who follow the principles and values of our mission statement.

We are fair

"Fairness to us means dealing with our customers, suppliers and each other in the same way we expect them to deal with us - with trust, honesty and respect."

We are future-orientated

"Being future-orientated to us means being better than our competitors - through innovation, good customer service, quality and punctual deliveries."

We are customer-orientated

"Customer satisfaction is important to us! We do everything we can by setting ourselves the aim of delivering in full and on time."

We are quality-aware

"Quality is when the customer returns and not the product."

We are environmentally-aware

"Environmental awareness to us means being as economical as possible with all our resources, such as raw materials and energy."