Architecture of light

Natural light significantly contributes to our physical and emotional well-being. It determines our biological rhythm and improves our performance and productivity. It makes sense to allow as much daylight into your living and working spaces as possible. Large glass and window fronts are also gaining in popularity for these reasons.

However: "Glass is not just glass". Even large glass facades must not influence room climate, it must be balanced even when exposed to strong sunshine or extreme cold. It is important, above all here in Germany, where temperature differences of 40 degrees Celsius and more can reign between winter and summer, to select the right functional glazing for the whole year.

To provide you with the widest possible access to Semco products, we have created three different gateways allowing you to experience the exciting world of glass from three different perspectives:

  • Explore the application areas of glass (from private housing to hotels to modern office buildings)
  • Experience the product range of Semco
  • Let yourself be inspired by our references