Semco Design - Fantasy glass design with screen printing

Glass surfaces take on clearly unique appearances with Semco Design. Graphic patterns, company logos or text - we ensure that your individual taste is reflected on the surface of the glass. Semco Design is just as suitable for the design of facades, balustrades, canopies and roofing as it is for public transport stops, porches or signs.

The process is perfectly easy: The design is applied with ceramic colours to the glass using screen printing and burnt on during the tempering process. The product is water and scratch-resistant, ensuring long durability.

There are no limits to the choice of colour. The entire colour spectrum is available, based on the RAL, RAL Design, NCS, Pantone and Sikkens systems. The tempered Semco Design is always subject to a Heat-Soak test (SGS-H), if used in facades, to minimise the risk of spontaneous breakage due to nickel-sulfide inclusions.

Custom patterns are displayed perfectly on clear or coloured float glass and white glass. Semco Design can be combined as a mono or insulation glass with our Klimaglas, thermal insulation and sound insulation glazing and with safety functions.