More efficiency - Heat remains in the room

With its sensational degree of thermal transparency of up to 0.4 W/m²K, Semco Energy is one of the foremost leaders in facade insulation. Profit from the triple heat protection:

  • Triple insulating glazing
  • Innovative glass coating with invisible heat reflection
  • Highly thermal insulating noble gas fills the pane intermediate spaces  

More comfort

The high-tech product Semco Energy combines energy saving with optimal living quality. The glass coating prevents unwanted penetration of excess heat radiation to the interior and the escape of heating warmth to the outside. No radiated coldness - The pane surface on the room side remains comfortably warm.

Are you planning to have high-quality wooden windows or do you want to improve window appearance and optimise thermal insulation at the same time? Ask our consultants about the new warm-edge seal system Semco Spacer BL!