Semco Renova - The premium thermal insulation glass

Whether it is for a new building or the renovation of an existing structure to meet energy efficiency regulations (such as the German EnEV), Semco Renova offers the ideal opportunity to use a modern product that provides high optical quality at a reasonable price. Semco Renova is especially to be recommended for the renovation of old buildings, thanks to its specially designed coating, with a Ug value of 1.0 in the standard configuration 4/16/4. Its weight and unit depth is less than that of a triple glazed insulating glass unit with a similar structure.

The high thermal insulation of 1.0 Wm²K (in the standard configuration) and the greater comfort that it provides mark the Renova out as a premium double glazed thermal insulation glass unit. For special versions (noise control, security and safety glass), the space between the pane may be smaller and the Ug value of the glazing correspondingly higher.

The so-called "warm edge" plastic spacer, with low thermal conductivity, is a standard part of the Semco Renova insulating glass unit - also due to the increasingly strict guidelines for energy efficiency.

The advantages are:

  •     It avoids thermal bridges in the frame area, which were the rule with traditional spacers.
  •     It reduces the unwanted condensation that frequently occurs in the cold season.
  •     It improves the thermal transmittance of windows (Uw) and facades (Ucw)
  •     Thus it saves energy costs during the cold season.
  •     The uniform appearance of the plastic spacer makes it really attractive. By eliminating aluminium, unwanted reflections are reduced.
  •     Compared to conventional thermal insulation glass, Semco Renova costs less than consumers believe.