Klimaglas for every application

Family home

Large window areas permit beautifully light-flooded rooms. Increase your well-being and use Klimaglas. Developers and refurbishers can provide summer-overheating protection with climate glazing, whether in buildings like the detached house shown above, or in living rooms of town apartments facing south.


Klimaglas can also display its strengths in the public and commercial sector. Due to the increased requirements for summer heat protection, developers need to decide whether they need expensive air-conditioning and darkening of rooms with shading.

Create a bright, light-flooded working environment for your customers and employees and save the energy required for an air conditioning system - in office buildings, hotels or utility buildings.

Roof glazing/conservatories

Are you planning roof glazing or a conservatory? Enjoy the all-round vision of nature. Semco Klima 400 was specially developed for use in roof glazing or conservatory roofing so that you are not sitting in a heat trap.