Really scoring with Klimaglas

  1. Better living comfort and Tuscan temperatures
    No need for air conditioning despite large glass surfaces thanks to adapted energy transmittance values
  2. Colour neutrality and colour uniformity
    Neutral colour perception view outdoors, colour reproduction index of over 90%
  3. Bright rooms and more transparency
    Increased well-being thanks to natural light falling through large glass surfaces
  4. Klimaglas supports the environment and your purse
    Less CO2 emissions and lower costs due to good thermal insulation values in winter and no need for air conditioning due to adapted energy transmittance values
  5. UV protection for furniture and plants
    Less bleaching and reduced burning lens effect behind Klimaglas facades
  6. Less shading, more enjoyment of the sun
    Significantly reduced dazzle effect in comparison to normal thermal insulation glazing