Muntin insulation glazing - A particular character and charm for your house

Listed buildings, own homes in country styles or post-modern residential town houses can find the right muntin with Semco Stil!

Semco Stil can also be combined with increased thermal, sound, solar and burglar protection!

Wooden muntins

Even classical, fixed wooden muntins meet the current requirements with high insulation Semco insulating glazing.

Country house muntins

The country house muntin is an aluminium or brass muntin that is located solely between the glass panes. Designs range from narrow and broad muntins in numerous RAL colours all the way to wood grain laminates. The definitive advantage: Window cleaning is child's play due to the undivided panes!

Wiener muntins

At first glance, the Wiener muntin is hardly different from the country house muntin:
But the spacers located between the panes are covered from the outside with muntins made of plastic, wood or aluminium which are glued onto the glass. The undivided panes therefore also guarantee "undivided thermal insulation".

Bullseye panes

Whether as the correct style for old buildings or as unusual design elements:
The Semco Stil bullseye panes combine progress and tradition. The high quality Semco insulating glazing has modern thermal insulation, allows lots of light into the house, but protects from curious eyes.