Semco Point - Perfect and to the point

Floating facades and transparent lightness of design: The advantages of clear glass facades are clearly pointed out with Semco Point. Thanks to this excellent system, large surface areas can be realised without frames. The fittings are flush-integrated in the panes with countersunk holes or combined with disc holders through cylindrical glass bores. The main point here is that: The point-fixed system is equipped with an articulated holder whose rotation point lies within the glass plane.

Semco Point is simply so relaxed: Forces that occur are directly diverted into the sub-structure. The intrinsic weight of the glass pane does not therefore cause any additional stresses in the holding area. The thickness of the glass can be reduced to a minimum. Semco Point makes brilliant facade design possible through perfect technology. We also even offer a system with optimal grip for canopy systems and full glazing systems such as glazed passages, waiting rooms or public transport stops.

Left: Disc holder Right: Countersunk holder