Semco Dur Clean - Self-cleaning glass

Glass is the fascinating building material of the post-modern era. It impresses with its brilliance, lightness and high functionality. Semco Dur Clean underlines these properties with its self-cleaning effect.

The function principle of Semco Dur Clean is based on the photocatalytic and hydrophilic effect of the product.

The UV radiation in sunlight generates the catalytic effect in the outer coating so that organic dirt is decomposed and can be more easily washed away. During rain, individual water drops spread apart and unify to form a water film. This washes out loosely bonded dirt particles, rinsing them away with the rain water. Dirty marks are practically non-existent after rain as the water hardly forms any drops that then dry. The window or facade needs to be cleaned less often and the climate control values of the glazing - such as light transmittance and g-value - are still ensured.