Semco Spacer BL - A window becomes part of the furniture

The new thermoplastic edge seal system simultaneously replaces the conventional metal spacer, the desiccant and the primary seal. The elastic thermoplastic material is based on polyisobutylene (PIB) with an integrated desiccant. You can achieve increased product quality and significantly higher end customer satisfaction with these warm edges. Air space widths of 6 - 18mm can be delivered.

More advantages through innovative technology

  • High-quality appearance
  • Plane parallelism in triple insulation glazing
  • Excellent Psi values
  • High gas tightness

Further plus points of the warm edge with Semco Spacer BL

  • Low heat conductance through technically optimised edge seal system
  • Reduction of the U value for the window of up to 12%
  • Less draughts/convection occurrence
  • Improved living climate
  • More uniform temperature distribution on the glass surface
  • Greatly reduced condensate formation in the edge areas of glass and windows
  • Risk minimisation with regards to mould formation
  • Reduced maintenance outlay for windows due to less condensation formation in the glazing rebate

 Leading by quality

  • Precise edge connection without offset in triple insulation glazing (even in model panes)
  • No butyl and molecular sieve in space between panes
  • Production of customised total glass thickness (package thickness) possible
  • Very good UV, weather and temperature resistance
  • Reduction of interfaces by 50% (increased tightness)
  • Visual high-quality overall appearance
  • Homogeneous appearance of spacer
  • No beading in the pane corners
  • Precise model shapes possible
Technical data - Spacer comparison

An overview of the psi values of various edge seal systems can be found here: