Alarm glazing - Securely monitored

According to crime statistics, half of all break-ins are carried out via unsecured glazing areas.

Semco sounds the alarm: Excellent protection for buildings with Semco Dur Alarm, whether in the private, commercial or public sector.
Burglars simply stand no chance when buildings are equipped with safety glass and integrated alarm function. The alarm strip is either positioned invisibly or discreetly visible - as a preventative deterrent. As soon as the glass is damaged, the alarm is triggered. Semco Dur Alarm reacts within seconds – driving the burglars away.

Safety and quality

Semco offers safety with quality, which pays in emergency situations: Semco Dur Alarm meets all legal VdS and DIN specifications for burglar alarm systems Class C. You are also on the safe side with Semco Dur Alarm with regards to damage regulation in insurance cases.

The system can be combined with all commercial alarm systems and other functions such as thermal insulation, solar protection, sound protection and Klimaglas.