Laminated safety glass - Safe is safe

The laminated safety glass (LSG) Semco Safe provides secure protection against forms of violence thanks to the varying thicknesses of the float or tempered safety glasses and composite films which are bonded together under pressure and high temperatures.

Depending on the pane structure, the performance range of our safety glazing ranges from private protection against forced entry to protection of persons and property with various resistance classes. Special requirements for an application, for instance in banking or public locations with particular protection needs, can be transparently met by Semco Safe.

Semco Safe can also be combined with the appropriate Klimaglas , thermal insulation, solar protection and sound protection glass.

Impact-resistant, penetration-resistant, bullet-resistant
Resistance classes

You can find an overview of the latest resistance classes (which can be found, for example, in our technical data) here:

Fall protection glazing

Semco Safe offers integrated protection against cuts with the shard-binding property of the composite film and also provides remaining structural capacity in the case of glass breakage.

It is also suitable for fall protection in the correct glass applications according to TRAV (technical rules for the use of safety glazing). These rules are issued by the German Institute for Construction Engineering (DIBt) and taken into consideration in all Federal states by the supervising building authorities.

Semco has a "General building inspection test certificate" (AbP) for safety insulation glazing (double and triple) in the TRAV categories A, C2 and C3.

The minimum configuration is LSG8-0.76 / PIS10 / LSG6-0.38. This can be expanded by a middle pane for triple glazing configurations. It can be produced with safety glass or even float glass. If glazing is produced according to the AbP, then the impact resistance is proven according to TRAV. This avoids the necessity of experimental tests or approvals in individual cases!

Semco Safe SentryGlas®

The individual glass panes in the composite safety glass Semco Safe SentryGlas® are bonded together with SentryGlas® intermediate film layers. A wide-ranging field of applications is made possible by the resulting high stiffness.

Larger dimensions and less weight are just two of the advantages that this product offers in comparison to composite safety glass using PVB film as an intermediate layer. Semco Safe SentryGlas® opens up new architectural possibilities for architects and construction engineers.

Technical data - Example structures

An overview of the technical data for various examples of structures using Semco Safe can be found here: