Sound insulation glazing - No chance for noise

Street noise, loud operating noise or the noise from aircraft: Noise pollution through our environment has increased greatly in the past.

Semco provides silence. The noise stays on the outside with tested sound insulation glazing. Semco Phone offers the appropriate glazing for various noise sources – whether for buildings on heavy traffic routes or in the neighborhood of discos and airports. Semco can resolve small and large noise problems with a wide range of sound insulation glazing. Securely and effectively.

Semco Phone can, of course, also be combined with the appropriate climate, thermal insulation, solar protection and safety glass. For complete protection at all times within a building.

Sound insulation indexes

While the sound insulation index Rw does not sufficiently take into account the various noise spectra in buildings caused by different sound sources, the definition of noise insulation using the spectrum weighting values C and Ctr provides more meaningful statements. During the evaluation, data can also be determined on how the component behaves with regards to various types of sound.

Noise situations:


Operational noise, emitted mainly in the medium and high-frequency range (e.g. motorways, trains at medium and high speed, low-flying jet airplanes)


Operational noise, emitted mainly in the medium and low-frequency range (e.g. urban traffic, trains at low speed, high-flying jet airplanes, disco music)

Technical data

You can find various tested sound insulated structures made by Semco here: