Kitchen highlights with glass

The timeless elegance of glass is perfect in the kitchen area, matching all feasible style directions, turning the beloved 'heart of the home' into a feast for the eyes. Our worktops and back panels are easy to clean and very hygienic. Scratches have no chance on these worktops made of scratch-resistant Satinato. Long durability and simple care also harmonise with the requirements posed by a modern kitchen installation. You can round off the visual impression with glass doors and borders. Whether you want colour enamel, powder coating, printed or backlit components - a lot is possible in your kitchen.

  • Timeless and modern aesthetics
  • High cleanliness and hygiene
  • Simple maintenance
  • Almost complete colour freedom possible
  • Glass back panels are an excellent alternative to tile panels in application areas with high hygienic requirements.
    No joints or gaps are produced where bacteria or germs could lodge.
Manufacturing information
  • Products for the kitchen sector are manufactured as stock sizes
  • The products cannot be processed any further (e.g. drilling) after the tempering and firing of the enamel
  • Socket holes, etc. must be made before the enameling process and must therefore be noted when ordering
  • We recommend having one edge matt ground on back panel panes as a polished edge will mean that light refraction in the glass would be significantly more visible
  • Glass back panels and kitchen worktops are normally made of thermally tempered glass
  • Anything different must be specified in the order
  • We recommend the use of white glass for brilliant images in order to ensure better colour reproducibility
  • The applicable product specifications apply when combinations are made with further treatment steps