Semcoglas Marini - Individual bathing worlds

Glass transparency harmonises in every room and frameless designs simply sweep away limitations. So that you can re-experience your bathroom every day as a wellness oasis.

The Marini shower system is characterised by a timeless design. The lift-lower mechanism of the brass fittings lift up the doors by several millimetres when they are opened. This protects the seals and gravity ensures that the doors close automatically. In the closed state, the seals ensure that the door is securely sealed again with the floor.

The fixed components can be connected with angles or with continuous profiles. The use of a stable wall connector profile can compensate for building tolerances of +/- 8mm. The Marini system ensures simple, hygienic cleaning of the glass surface thanks to the flush-mounted fittings.

Glass washstands and basins catch the eye, mirrors with exclusive edgings divert it. Coloured glass areas or fascinating patterns in the composite provide variety.

Glass coating with pearl effect

Glass coated with the surface coating Semco Drop is particularly easy to clean as this coating simply allows water droplets to roll off without leaving residues. Dirt and lime scale deposits are significantly reduced.