Semco Color Vanceva - Colourful aspects and perspectives

Semco Color Vanceva brings colour into our lives: Roofing that reflects the blue of the sky, visually exciting glass walls and designer furniture with colour and light effects. Visions that were previously limited in practice due to colour or glass technology reasons can finally be realised.

Semco Color Vanceva combines the specific performance characteristics of composite safety glass with a novel colour film generation. This makes the construction material glass even more universal and attractive! Over a thousand design variants can thus be realised on high-quality laminated safety glass, up to 2440 x 6000 mm.

The palette ranges from standard colours to personally created tones. Various levels of light permeability can also be achieved with three different white films. A highlight for all who love extravagant glass design.

  • Colour variations that are not possible with normally coloured float glasses
  • More than 1000 colour combinations possible
  • Mixed tones with up to five colours can be realised
  • Different light permeability can be achieved with three different white films
  • Light impermeable films round off the range
  • Semco Color Vanceva has all the properties of a laminated safety glass as the colour film is a pigmented PVB film
Technical data

Max. formats 2440 mm x 6000 mm
Min. formats 200 mm x 300 mm

Total structure:
3 - 19 mm glass
+ 0.38 - 1.90 mm colour PVB film
+ 3 -19 mm glass

Max. weight 500 kg
Glass types: Laminated safety glass made of float glass, heat strengthend glass or tempered glass 

  • Standard colours:
    aquamarine, sapphire, smoke grey, evening shadow, golden light, sahara sun, ruby red, coral rose
  • Special colours:
    tangerine, deep red, true blue
  • Opaque:
    polar white, absolute black
  • Translucent:
    arctic snow, cool white
Manufacturing information

Semco Color Vanceva is manufactured as a stock size. Subsequent processing of the finished product (e.g. drilling) is only possible if the laminate is made of float glass. Due to the increased heat absorption, implementation using tempered glass or heat-strengthened glass is recommended if several coloured films are used. Subsequent processing is then no longer possible.