Semco Crash - Crushed, unique, eye-catching

Used as an elegant room element, the broken structure of Semco Crash is an eye-catcher in living or business areas. Wide-ranging design options are open to the user when using Semco Crash.
Architects, room designers and interior designers have immense freedom in using the product for the required application.

The individual panes are firmly bonded to each other with two intermediate films, which also offers colourful design opportunities.

  • The fascination of the broken structures of tempered glass can be displayed directly in your living space with Semco Crash
  • An eye-catcher for living or business areas
  • An unusual alternative to simple glass panes
  • Coloured glass can be used
  • Can be combined with coloured films
  • In the case of a glass break, the shards remain firmly stuck to the film
Technical data

Max. formats 1000 mm x 2000 mm
Min. formats 200 mm x 300 mm

Total structure:
3 - 19 mm glass
+ min. 0.76 mm PVB film
+ 6 - 12 mm tempered glass Crash
(+ min. 0.76 mm PVB film)
+ 3 - 19 mm glass

Max. weight 500 kg

Glass types: Composite glass made of float with tempered glass or heat strengthend glass

Combinations: coloured glass or coloured films

Manufacturing information

Semco Crash is manufactured as a stock size; subsequent processing of the finished product (e.g. drilling) is not possible.