Colourful design with enamelled glass

Fantastic effects can be achieved with colours. Semco Color is a clear, toned or coated glass backed by a light and weather-resistant colour enamel.

Compared to float glass, Semco Color has a higher impact, break and temperature resistance. Due to its functionality, Semco Color is particularly suitable for application areas with high hygienic requirements. Semco Color is therefore a modern alternative to the usual ceramic tile panels in the kitchen or bathroom.

Depending on the architectural requirements, there is a wide range of colours on offer. The colours can also be optimally matched to other materials using the RAL, RAL Design, NCS, Pantone and Sikkens systems. Semco Color on white glass has a particular brilliance.

The tempered glass from Semco meets all relevant construction approval requirements. We only use enamel colors free from heavy metals in our standard color range, in accordance with our concept of ecologically-compatible construction materials.

  • Essentially free colour choice possible (prior sampling recommended)
  • Due to the glass surface, the colour enamel takes on depth
  • Reproduction for room accessories
  • Excellent alternative to tile panels in application areas with high hygienic requirements
  • No joints or gaps are produced where bacteria or germs could lodge
  • Enamel colours free of heavy metals
Technical data

Max. formats 2500 x 6000 mm
Min. formats 200 x 300 mm
Glass thickness 6 - 15 mm
Max. weight 650 kg

Glass types: tempered glass, heat strengthend glass, laminated safety glass or in combination with scratch-resistant, satin-finished glass

  • RAL
  • RAL Design
  • NCS
  • Hewi
  • Pantone
  • Brillux
  • Sikkens
  • DB
Manufacturing information

The finished product cannot be processed any further (e.g. drilling) after the tempering and firing of the enamel. It is manufactured as a stock size; socket holes, etc. must be made before the enameling process.