Gleaming shine

It is sufficient to clean surfaces with clear water during routine cleaning of these interior glass products. It is best to use a sponge or soft, lint-free cloth for this purpose. Most dirt can be removed with a light pressure in this manner. Ensure that you clean broad areas of glass at a time, not just small spots.To remove grease (fingerprints, etc.), you can also use commercially available glass cleaners (e.g. foam cleaners). Please do not use any abrasive, corrosive, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents as these will attach the surface of the glass and can cause scratches.
Excess water can be removed with a sponge or cloth. You can then dry polish the glass door with a microfiber cloth.

If water is present over a longer period of time on the glass surface, limescale residues can form. Rapid drying is therefore advantageous.Ensure that the edges of laminated safety glass and composite glass doors do not become too wet during cleaning as otherwise moisture and cleaning agent can penetrate the glass composite.

Additional information for satin-finish and sandblasted surfaces

Very little pressure should be applied when cleaning satin-finish and sandblasted surfaces as otherwise the surface structure can be worn away. To prevent cloudy formations, rub the complete surface of the pane dry with a lint-free cloth. Please do not use any paper or cellulose tissues for cleaning as these cause too much wear on the rough surface.

Additional information for screen printed and powder coated glass doors

Screen printed and powder coated surfaces are softer than smooth glass surfaces and are therefore more sensitive to mechanical cleaning agents. In addition, they should not be cleaned with acids as these can attack the printed image.


You should also never use any scratching tools, razor blades or scrapers. They can leave visible and irreparable scores on the surface.

Glass coating with pearl effect

Glass coated with the surface coating Semco Drop is particularly easy to clean as this coating simply allows water droplets to roll off without leaving residues. Dirt and lime scale deposits are significantly reduced.