Powder coating - Brilliant images

An image is applied to the back of the tempered glass with powder coating and burnt in. This creates impressive results with perfect colour brilliance and extreme sharpness. The sprayed-on powder melts on the surface into a plastic layer that forms a permanent and evenly dense coating.

  • Extreme sharpness and brilliance
  • Colour and light-fast
  • Pattern freely selectable
  • Environmentally-friendly coating process
  • Translucent or opaque as required
  • Coating is extremely resistant
  • Full surface single colour powder coating also possible
Technical data

Max. formats 1250 mm x 4000 mm
Min. formats 210 mm x 297 mm

Total thickness:
3 - 34 mm glass
+ Powder coating

Max. weight 150 kg

Glass types: Float, tempered glass

Decors: individual pattern design

Manufacturing information

Semco Picture is manufactured as a stock size. Subsequent processing of Semco Picture (e.g. drilling or cut-outs) is only possible if float glass is used.