Sandblasting - Design diversity

This sandblasting technology uses a special medium shot-blasted at high pressure against the glass to create various structures and patterns on the surface.

The satin finish provides glass doors in particular with a decent elegance. The object thereby becomes a stylish eye-catcher in the room thanks to the translucency of the glass.

A coating can also be applied to the glass surface. The surface then has Teflon-style properties so that fingerprints and dirt are reduced to a minimum and can be easily removed.

  • The sandblasted finish becomes a stylish eye-catcher in the room thanks to the glass translucency
  • Can be used in almost all interior areas
  • Sandblasting offers manifold design options
  • Own pattern creations are possible
  • 3D-effect possible with in-depth sandblasting
Technical data

Max. formats 2000 x 3000 mm
Min. formats 50 x 50 mm
Glass thickness 4 - 30 mm
Max. weight 150 kg

Glass types: Float, mirror, tempered glass, heat strengthend glass, laminated safety glass

Decors: Standard decors or individual motif design

Manufacturing information

In general, Semco Design sandblasting patterns are produced as stock sizes on tempered glass. Subsequent processing of sandblasted glass is only possible if float glass is used.