Semco Picture - Gigantic images

Rooms appear in an entirely new light with customised images. Creativeness without limit. With the free selection of images, Semco Picture is extremely versatile and fascinating in topic-based interior architecture with individually designed glass surfaces.

The glass surfaces can be displayed transparently or opaque with the selected image according to the application area.

Semco Picture is also exemplary when it comes to production: The absolutely UV-resistant PVB film holding the image is protected by being laminated within the pane structure of the composite safety glazing. In the case of a glass break, the shards remain stuck to the film.

  • Individual pattern selection possible
  • Ideal for topic-based showroom design
  • Digital photo material can be used
  • Unusual light effects when transparent film is used
  • Matt or opaque films behind the slide film make Semco Picture opaque
Technical data

Max. formats 1250 mm x 6000 mm
Min. formats 300 mm x 400 mm

Total structure:
3 - 19 mm glass
+ min. 0.76 mm PVB film
+ Slide film
+ 0.38 mm AR11 film
+ 3 - 19 mm glass

Max. weight 1000 kg

Glass types: Composite glass made of float, tempered glass or heat strengthend glass

Decors: individual pattern choice

Manufacturing information

Semco Picture is manufactured as a stock size. Subsequent processing of Semco Picture (e.g. drilling or cut-outs) is only possible if float glass is used.