CE certification

Semcoglas verifies conformity of its produced multi-pane insulation glazing and safety glazing with the requirements of the European product standards. The respective initial type tests required for this purpose and the compulsory factory production control (FPC) are implemented in all production factories. In order to guarantee our customers a high quality standard over and above this, the FPC and the relevant standard product tests in the individual insulating and safety glazing works are subject to voluntary third-party monitoring by an independent test authority approved at European level, for example:

Also see under CE.

Ü mark (German mark of conformity) - legal requirement

Semco declares with this mark that its products also conform to the legal national requirements for insulation and safety glazing, in addition to the CE mark.

DIN EN ISO 9001 – Systematic quality

This mark documents that Semcoglas is monitored according to the guidelines of the quality management system set out in ISO 9001:2008. A continuous improvement process (CIP) is implemented on this basis, with the aim of optimizing working sequences in all operational divisions and maintaining uniformly high quality of products.

RAL - a valued quality mark

The RAL quality mark identifies those products and services that are produced according to high specified quality criteria. The quality and approval specifications of the Gütegemeinschaft Mehrscheiben-Isolierglas (GMI - Association for thermal insulation glass producers) are met by Semcoglas. These include primarily a tolerance for the Ug value ≤ 0.1 W/m²K and the emissivity of the coatings of ≤ 0.01. In addition, independent third-party monitoring of production is implemented.
„No RAL-tested window without RAL-tested insulation glazing!“

KOMO – certified quality on site

The KOMO mark is a guarantee for an above-average insulation glazing standard in the Netherlands. The latest quality requirements of the Dutch foundation „Building quality“ and legal specifications are thereby met. They include regular product testing and third-party monitoring by the KIWA Product Cert GmbH.

DS - Certificeret

Semcoglas is certified and monitored in compliance with the Danish Standard (DS) with this approval mark. Product tests are implemented and ongoing production monitored by an external body.

SP - Sveriges Provnings- och Forskningsinstitut

The P mark signals Scandinavian customers that Semcoglas is also subject to constant monitoring within the framework of the SP certification. This includes strict product tests and third-party monitoring by the Swedish testing and research institute (SP).

Benor - Certificat

Semcoglas is certified with this approval mark in compliance with the Belgian standard requirements by the BCCA (Belgian Construction Certification Association). Product tests and two third-party monitoring production inspections per year are implemented.

VdS - certificate

Glazing with alarm systems and the relevant production factories are certified and monitored by the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. The corresponding requirements regarding production of the alarmed glazing - whether insulation or safety glazing - are met here by Semcoglas.