Visual Guidelines

The German industry guidelines for assessing the visual quality of glass for the construction industry ("Richtlinie zur Beurteilung der visuellen Qualität von Glas für das Bauwesen") are the basis for many contracts with companies in the industries and trades that work with glass (glaziers, window fitters, metalworkers etc.). They were developed by the Bundesinnungsverband des Glashandwerks (German Association of the Glass-working Trades) in Hadamar and the Bundesverband Flachglas e. V. (German Plate Glass Association) in Troisdorf. Thus they are guidelines that have been agreed between the associations and are recognised throughout the industry. One disadvantage of the guidelines is that the end-user often has difficulty in understanding the text.

In order to simplify the use of the  "Visual Quality Guidelines", Semcoglas has now produced a booklet with many explanations for its customers. In our brochure "Der perfekte Durchblick" (Perfect Transparency), end users are given a simple overview of the criteria used to check glass used in building. In addition, illustrations are used to explain which impairments are still allowable and when you can return the glass.