Semco outsourced their entire transport frame administration to the external service provider "Gestellpool Europe GmbH & Co. KG" some time ago. We have seen that a growing number of companies is using the Gestellpool system for frame release notification and that acceptance is increasing as it is an almost branch-wide universal solution.

The task of Gestellpool is to administrate the secondary service of a glass delivery, i.e. the frame loan. Because: High availability of transport frames allow Gestellpool partners to ensure high delivery reliability.

Customer have their own online section on the Gestellpool website and can view all the glass transport frames they have booked. In addition, free frames can be registered as "ready for collection" by simply selecting them.

Alternatively, release notification can be implemented as follows:
Ø      by Fax +49 (0) 511/ 380 72 657
Ø      by E-Mail (freimelden(at) or
Ø      by telephone +49 (0) 511/ 9666-944 and -943

Link to Gestellpool
Link to release notification fax form

We ask that, in future, you only implement frame release notifications to Gestellpool via one of the above-mentioned options!

Special conditions of the Semco Group for goods delivery with reusable frames