Semco Glass Finder

A planning aid to help you choose the best type of glass

With the Semco Glass Finder, you can find the right glass for every space in an instant. Do you want to minimize noise from roads or traffic? Do you have a need for heightened security? With the Semco Glass Finder, solutions for these problems are quickly displayed. This practical rotating disc helps you to specify summer thermal protection according to DIN standard:  4108-2 2013-02. The Semco Glass Finder is available in two versions. The Semco Glass Finder for Insulating Glass is aimed at end users, consumers and builders; while with the Semco Light & Energy Glass Finder, planners and architects can make preliminary recommendations when selecting the glass for commercial and residential buildings.

Natural light promotes comfort

People's energy, strength, stamina, activity and sleep are all heavily affected by sunlight. In addition, a high incidence of natural light influences people's emotional balance and may even prevent depression.

Prevent overheating in summer

In addition to the optimum daylight intake, the Semco Light & Energy Glass Finder allows you to determine the optimum thermal insulation for major construction projects in a straightforward way. To do this, you first enter the area of the space that is the most critical to evaluate and the area of the window surface. Now the optimum glazing with insulating glass can be read off at once in the green marked area. The Semco Glass Finder provides you with a glazing solution that has the perfect balance between sun protection and maximum daylight entry.

Answers to the key questions that builders ask about glass

With the Semco Glass Finder for Insulating Glass, end users can directly enter the requirements for their windows and it will provide a proposal for the best glazing solution. The Semco Glass Finder is geared to the major questions that has a builder has about glazing. Whether it is for a new construction or a renovation, the Semco Glass Finder allows one to find glazing solutions for many problems that affect a house or a flat. Too much street noise? A need for heightened security? With the Semco Glass Finder, you can quickly and easily determine the right glazing for your individual situation!

You can get a Semco Glass Finder for free at the nearest branch of Semco or you can order one directly from Semco Marketing ( for €10 each, including post and packaging.