Street noise, loud operating noise or noise from aircraft: the noise pollution caused by our environment has increased significantly in recent times.

SEMCO brings back quietness. With tested sound insulation glazing, noise stays on the outside. SEMCO Phone offers the appropriate glazing to alleviate a variety of noise sources – whether for buildings on busy roads or those near discos and airports. SEMCO resolves minor and major noise problems with its broad range of sound insulation glazing. Securely and effectively.

SEMCO Phone - The right sound insulation for every application area

Needless to say, SEMCO Phone can be combined with the appropriate Klimaglas, low-e glass, solar control glass and sound insulating glass to constantly provide comprehensive protection within the building.


The sound insulation index Rw cannot sufficiently afford consideration to the various noise spectra in buildings caused by diverse sound sources. Exactly which sound insulation glass is best-suited for your window needs to be determined according to the circumstances on site. SEMCO therefore maintains a large number of tested sound insulation configurations for this very reason. Ask your SEMCO consultant for expert advice on which type of SEMCO Phone is right for you.


An overview of the most popular sound insulation configurations with all the relevant key figures is available here (German): 
Download "Übersicht SEMCO Phone Isolierglasaufbauten"

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